Mindfulness Teacher Training

A Year-long Immersion and Certification in Teaching Mindfulness to Adolescents

iBme’s Mindfulness Teacher Training will prepare professionals working with adolescents to implement an in-depth mindfulness curriculum in high schools, colleges and other youth settings. Participants will learn mindfulness practices developed for adolescents and the skills to be effective mindful mentors.

Applications are closed for this year’s training.


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Dates & Locations

June 2017–June 2018, including three residential retreats:

  • June 20–25, 2017 in Concord, MA
  • Feb 16–20, 2018 in North Andover, MA
  • June 19–24, 2018 in Concord, MA

Course Structure

  • Three 5 day residential retreats
  • Online study between retreats
  • Monthly small group meetings
  • Personal/professional mentoring
  • Structured daily meditation practice
  • Individualized feedback from faculty
  • Practicum and Certification

Doug Worthen at Middlesex School

Who is this training for?

Professionals who are interested in teaching mindfulness in their high school, college or community through classes, workshops or retreats, and who are committed to deepening their own meditation practice as a foundation for working with adolescents. This includes:

  • Public and Private School Educators
  • Higher Education Professionals
  • Adolescent Counselors & Social Workers
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Experiential Educators
  • Professionals who work with young adults in any capacity


What will you learn?

Personal and professional mindfulness teaching skills, including:

  • A depth of meditation experience adequate to embody mindfulness
  • Methods for compassionate and playful engagement with youth
  • Foundations of adolescent developmental psychology
  • Science of mindfulness
  • Trauma-informed teaching methods
  • Ability to create curriculum for diverse populations
  • Understanding how issues of social justice including racism, power and privilege intersect and impact teaching
  • Ability to apply mindfulness to creative expression, the natural world, and global issues.