Retreat & Event Calendar

Be mindful. Coast to coast.

iBme Retreat Location Map

Tuesdays, Jan. 8–March 26 8:30–9:30 pm ESTSit & ShareOnlineLearn More Launch
Jan 18–21, 2019Harvard Winter Session RetreatHU Students onlyLearn More Register
March 9–13, 2019Young Adult Spring Break RetreatShipman, VALearn More Register
March 17–22, 2019Harvard Spring Break RetreatHU Students onlyLearn More
June 2019–June 2020Mindfulness Teacher TrainingOnline and in Concord, MALearn More Register
June 6–10, 2019Massachusetts Young Adult Retreat
Middlesex School / Concord, MA
Learn More Register
June 10–15, 2019Colorado Teen RetreatSedalia, COLearn More Register
June 12–17, 2019Southern California Teen RetreatBig Bear City, CALearn More Register
June 23–29, 2019Northern California Teen RetreatCazadero, CALearn More Register
July 8–13, 2019Kentucky/Ohio Teen RetreatMilford, OHLearn More Register
July 10–15, 2019Virginia Teen RetreatMadison, VALearn More Register
July 21–26, 2019Michigan Teen RetreatKalamazoo, MILearn More Register
July 23–28, 2019Toronto Teen RetreatMono, ON, CanadaLearn More Register
July 28–Aug. 2, 2019United Kingdom Teen RetreatKench Hill Centre, Tenterden, KentLearn More
August 1–4, 2019Massachusetts Adult RetreatMiddlesex School / Concord, MALearn More
August 1–6, 2019Oregon Teen RetreatGaston, ORLearn More Register
August 6–11, 2019Massachusetts Teen RetreatConcord, MALearn More Register